Dr. Gerhard Schulze Allen

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Gerhard Schulze Allen

Dr. Allen was born in the city of Leverkusen, West Germany where he spent his childhood and early years. Upon High School Graduation, he was drafted to the German Navy for his obligatory Public Service. Dr. Allen then first attended the School for Business Administration at Bayer AG/University of Cologne, Germany and then expanded his professional career to become a lawyer.

After attending Law School at the University of Tübingen, Germany, he worked for a multi-national corporation as an executive of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals. At this point in his life, he began to realize that his true calling in life was animals. After seven years in the world of business and law, he decided to change profession and become a Veterinarian. He graduated from Veterinary School at the Freie University of West Berlin, Germany where he also completed his internship. Dr. Allen then trained as a veterinary resident in the US, rotating through various veterinary specialties covering Surgery, Medicine, and Dentistry. 

In 2000, Dr. Allen met his wife, a US citizen of Lebanese descent. The same year, on a visit to Lebanon, Dr. Allen accepted an invitation and was commissioned by the Lebanese Prime Minister to establish a Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Lebanon. Dr. Allen opened LIBANVET s.a.r.l., a Veterinary Hospital for Small Animals. However soon after, disaster began to strike in the Middle East. September 11th of 2001 echoed around the world and restarted sectarian friction in Lebanon. Things went from bad to worse, and in 2005 escalated in the assassination of the Lebanese  Prime Minister. The following year, Israel interfered and bombed the infrastructure of Lebanon. Dr. Allen now had to make the difficult decision to flee the country that him and his family had called home, and evacuate to neighboring Syria where they would be safer. In Damascus, hoping to be able to return to Lebanon soon, Dr. Allen continued to follow his passion for veterinary medicine and worked as a consulting veterinary surgeon. However, after two years, with civil war still wreaking havoc, Dr. Allen decided to leave the Middle East all together. 

In September of 2008, the family moved to California, the state Dr. Allen had fallen in love with during his residency in the 90’s. The same week of their arrival, however, fate struck again and the global financial crisis hit the markets. Dr. Allen’s plans to open a veterinary hospital were cancelled by the banks. The family made their home in La Quinta, and Dr. Allen started commuting between the United States and Europe, U.A.E, and Qatar in order to working as a Relief Veterinary Surgeon and provide for his family. During his time, Dr. Allen enrolled in the AVMA program to achieve eligibility for veterinary licensure in the United States so that he would be able to continue to work in the field that he loves while staying with his wife and two young children. 

After passing all required examinations for the US and California, Dr. Allen was issued Veterinary Licensure in the State of California in 2018. Given his experience and concentration on veterinary medicine for Small Animals, to accept the position as Licensee Manager of The Cat Clinic was all but a natural and welcome transition for Dr. Allen. Dr. Allen’s determination and his will power to provide a better life for his family through a major war and most challenging times in his life are an excellent show of his character. His worldly background, rooted in a deeply caring and empathic personality, combined with Dr. Allen’s exclusive training in Veterinary Medicine for Small Animals, brings a new perspective to Veterinary Medicine for our pets in the desert. Dr. Allen is welcoming, understanding of the needs of his clients, and an extremely thorough veterinarian who treats his feline patients as he would if they were his own family pets.


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