What to know when mixing cats and houseplants


Faced with a limited menu of indoor greenery, a housebound cat might be driven to some unwholesome varieties of indoor plants. Cat’s livers are relatively poor in dealing with toxins, and some houseplants have been known to kill cats. The most serious offenders are lilies and mistletoe.  Other common houseplants that might harm cats include dumbcane (dieffenbachia), philodendron and dracaena. Poinsettia, incidentally, has been exonerated as a culprit in poisoning either humans or cats.

  • In this article, Take care mixing cats and houseplants, courtesy of Yahoo News and The Associated Press, you will find more information about plant toxicities, tips on how to deter your cat from using a plant as a litter box, and what household plants are safe for your indoor cats.

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