Chronic Renal Failure

Chronic renal failure, also called chronic kidney failure, refers to the situation where the kidneys have not been able to perform at least one of their many tasks adequately for some time (months to years). 

It is helpful to become familiar with these terms so you can understand and discuss with your veterinarian the testing, treatment, and prognosis of our cat.   For example, some terms discussed include:

-Chronic means long term, Renal means kidney, Failure means inability to perform a task adequately.

-The terms renal failure or renal insufficiency imply that a condition called azotemia is present. Azotemia is the condition where toxins have built up in the bloodstream and lab tests are definitely abnormal.

-The term uremia means that the patient is experiencing uremic poisoning.

Additionally, this article helps pet owners understand the common laboratory tests that are related to chronic kidney failure, and what is to be expected in the course of screening a pet’s kidney function including: Urine Specific Gravity, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine, Creatinine, Potassium, Packed Cell Volume / Hematocrit, Blood Pressure, and Urinary Protein   Click here to read the full article about Chronic Renal Failure, from VeterinaryPartner. com


 For More Information….Treatments for chronic renal disease for cats and dogs

  •  Click here to download a PDF handout adapted from Dr. Cathy Langston, DACVIM, on treatments for chronic renal disease for cats and dogs. Therapeutic diets, phosphorus, anemia, stomach ulcers, and hydration are all discussed.
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